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Waiting for the Real World to Catch Up!

Scottrick always wanted to come up with a million dollar idea, and finally has one while working for a medical products company - but gets canned anyway - a victim of corporate jealousy and greed. Afterwards, he bungles through a series of misadventures and is reduced to working alongside actress wannabe Tina Fey at the YMCA. Emboldened by her later success, he achieves fifteen seconds of fame by writing a book in the obscure field of kitchen collectibles. But can this land him in the hot seat on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles

Featured in USA Today, Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles takes a fun look at a wide assortment of kitchen accessories from the 1950s. From kitschy salt and pepper shakers, to egg beaters, it’s all here! A number of kitchenware companies are profiled with detailed histories which provide invaluable background information for collectors.

Atomic Kitchen

Atomic Kitchen is a wonderful addition to any nostalgia fan’s library. You’ll see colorful and sometimes bewildering gadgets, products, and services! Some of which will leave you wishing you had one, and others making you scratch your head in disbelief. Such as the automatic potato peeler, that does all the work for you and even cleans itself! If you want to fill your tomorrows with yesterday, you can’t do better than Atomic Kitchen!

Kitschy Kitchen Collectibles

Condensed version of Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles. The perfect field guide for taking to antique shows and shops.