Brian S. Alexander

Atomic Kitchen

Atomic Kitchen is a wonderful addition to any nostalgia fanís library. Youíll see colorful and sometimes bewildering gadgets, products, and services! Some of which will leave you wishing you had one, and others making you scratch your head in wonder. You'll love the automatic potato peeler, that does all the work for you and even cleans itself! If you want to fill your tomorrows with images of yesterday, you canít do better than Atomic Kitchen!

Selected Works

Waiting for the Real World to Catch Up! is the story of Scottrick, a crazed inventor, who was always chasing rainbows.
Collectorís guide
Spiffy Kitchen Collectibles is a colorful and nostalgic look at the gadgets and kitchen accessories of the 1950s.
Vintage kitchen designs and accessories
Atomic Kitchen provides a colorful peek at the 1950s era kitchen where everything was brighter and better!
Field guide for collectors
Handy pocket-sized kitchen collectibles field guide.